What? Tinnitus! No, There is Four of Us — April 30, 2007

Unfortunately, a very real and seasonal conversation we had on my boat the past week.  With the mother of all winds blowing the last few days, I fear the tinnitus is with me permanently!  Although the persistent buzzing can become quite bothersome, sometimes, when the wife is asking for a honey-do, the old man is repeating himself for the fifth time in a row, the ringing and subsequent loss of hearing can actually be quite refreshing.  However, the ringing can be a plaque on the water when trying to communicate with clients down a wade line.  Like a fart in the wind, your words are gone almost as immediately as they reach your lips.  Hand signals have been the mode of communication for the week, or in a couple of cases loud hoots and hollers.

Fish are still tending to be found on windward shorelines or out about mid stomach to titty deep.  Although we can complain about the wind, it’s that time of the year again to scrub down the old waders and hang them up for the next trophy trout season.  Officially, the trophy trout season is done; however, we still had two personal bests caught this week: a 28 and a 29 ¼!  The big girls have obviously blown a few spawns…both fish caught a month ago would be roughly 1.5 to 2 pounds heavier.  But man, oh man, what beauties!  Bigger fish are definitely being found in shallow out of the way places and hungry.  The next few weeks are definitely the best time of the year to sight cast the big’uns.  Don’t be surprised if those tailing ‘reds’ are not tailing trout.  Best colors remain white, yellow, and pumpkintruese.  I am working them really slow…nearly dragging them across the bottom. 

Reds are everywhere, as they should be this time of year.  Look for them podding and if you are drifting across, or wading, sand pockets cast to the edges of each and every one.  Tops in the morning and evening and plastics during the mostly cloudy days are the strategies of choice.  We have really been catching some great reds already this year in the upper end slots. 

So, with the seasonal transition nearly complete and weather patterns stabilizing soon, expect to start seeing a lot of offshore and tarpon action showing up in the reports.  The season is shaping up to be a great one.  Hope to see you all here soon!