White Wing Heaven at the Hacienda San Juan

Here is an attempt to make you envious.  Actually, it’s no attempt at all; I warn you now you’ll be envious, maybe even jealous, definitely curious.  However, I also want to extend it out there you’re also invited.

To paint the picture, it’s late March, 85 degrees, somewhat sunny, and dry.  It’s a few months past white wing season (August 14th through the middle of October) and right on the tail of the mourning dove season (August through end of February) and a few odd weeks shy of their return.  Riding through the fields today with Tantina our guide, he’s male and I am not quite sure why his name ends with a feminine signifier, I count 100 something-odd white wings.  We are not hunting white wing though; today we are hunting Chachalaca and turkey.  They show us peak season photos of the birds to tease.  They talk in unbelievable numbers.
“Yeah, if the guy can shoot he’s looking at 65 to 100 birds.  My son,” Jimmy Juhl says, “has the record with 325.”
“A day?”
“Oh God no!  A hunt.”

A hunt!  A freaking hunt!  Are you kidding me?  The typical hunting day at Hacienda San Juan is from seven until eleven in the morning.  My brain is fried from all the Chachalaca hunting and a Clarinex/Claratin Cocktail Mix so I’ll let you do the exact math, but in Texas math that’s in the ball park of 20 to 25 birds per hour.

So, I am writing this now from the Pinche Bar located next the hacienda’s pool which is exactly 24 km’s from nowhere.  At nowhere, we hooked a right on an old dirt ranchero road and ended up in Nirvana/Eden/Arcadia or wherever your religion may call heaven on earth. 

However, in all its wonderful remoteness, Jimmy makes up for it in creature comforts.  In fact, if I have to hit backspace one more time as I write this due to dad’s ecstasy over his clay-shooting prowess, I am going to take the gun out of his hand, traipse down to the six-acre lake behind us, and throw it out as far as I can. 

Not to mention, if you are not hooked by now, I am sure 99% of will remember Anna Kournacouva’s 2003 Swimsuit calendar.  Yeah, you know the one, when she was at the peak of her endorsement draw and the lows of her tennis career.  That photo shoot was taken here at the Hacienda San Juan.  You can sleep in the same bed as Anna…when else in your lusty little life can you say “I slept in the same bed as Anna Kournacouva.”

If you can’t tell from my enthusiasm, this place is awesome.  Birdwise and amenities wise.  To learn more about the Hacienda San Juan, check out their website at www.haciendasanjuan.com or give us a call.  We are planning two trips next year during white wing season and one possible Chachalaca/Turkey hunt in March.  If you are interested in any of these trips or want additional information, please Private Message me and I will send you the details and get you on the waiting list.