Wind Fans — April 6, 2009

Well the wind fans are back and working FINE!!!!!  Folks its April in south Texas and the wind fans are turned on!!! Seems like we start the day with 15 MPH going to 30 MPH.  However, don’t fret you just have to fish thru it!

The fishing continues to be great with 25” plus trout being caught and released daily.  Since my last report we have caught 18 trout above 25” with “GLADLY TO SAY” no fatalities. I applaud our clients for releasing these fish, next year they will be bigger and will add to the LLM’s millions of eggs this year.

Patterns remain the same small top waters when our winds subside or larger during the gales.  Same thing, light colored baits in clear skies, clear water, and then dark colors on cloudy, muddy water conditions.

For folks whom do not like top waters you can use rattling cork with a Cajun pepper soft plastic 18 inches down on a light jig head.

Fish are definitely getting ready to spawn, most have eggs now and or moving to windward shores and along areas subject to tidal movement.  Key in on those areas and you should be fine.  Look for areas like this in 2 to 3 ½ foot of water and work the area slowly. Key ingredients are sand potholes in grass beds.

One observation we can’t figure out is with the water warming to the lower 70’s WHY aren’t we catching trout on a faster moving top waters.  Pattern continues a VERY SLOW TWITCH, TWITCH then PAUSE with most of the better strikes coming with the bait stopped. Many of the larger trout we have caught using these patterns have jumped out of the water to come down on the bait. HEART STOPPIN!!!!!!

Remember keep what you can eat and release the rest.