the other day i caught a limit of trout wading off a bank in PM… and when i was filleting the dotted fish i noticed two of the fish had a worm like something inbedded in the meat.. best way i can describe it is that the unknown something looked like a single sperm… all white.. i had never seen this before and was kinda curious to what these lil white things can be!? are they WORMS in the meat and are u supposed to take em out before consuming the trout or is it alright if u drop the fillets in some hot griese to kill the lil creatures. Will u get sick if u dont take out those lil white things and eat a chunk of meat where one was embedded!?. any info on this new discovery of mine would be appreciated!!
by the way.. the bite was good that day.. real slight but i managed five for the family… Brown lures sure do wonders!! notin like fresh fish in january!! tight lines peeps!! deucen!!