You Know Sergio!? — June 11, 2007

The past week was a shortish, longish week.  Greatish, poorish fishing.  Consistently inconsistent yet inconsistently consistent.  In a nutshell, the week was a mixed bag of fishing conditions and weather conditions.  Trout would one day slam tops only to shun them the next.  Nail a particular color one day and get finicky the next in mirror image conditions.  Reds would hit anything in their face today and go as tight lipped as a frigid prom date tomorrow. 8)

So, what about the fishing?  Just when we get duped into believing the summer doldrums patterns were here, little old Mother Nature decides to hit us with an early summer norther.  On Saturday,  or was it Friday, maybe Wednesday, everyday on the water starts to look the same after awhile, the winds started out of the southwest whirling around the compass rose to end up out of the southeast after blowing out of the north, northeast, and northwest for equal amounts of time throughout the day.

So, where are we fishing and what are we catching them on?  Definitely do not go north.  All fishing on the north end has been hit and miss.  The West Shoreline is dead due to the inordinate amounts of boat traffic.  Seems everyone with a boat thinks the Oak Motts is still the premier fishing destination in Port Mansfield.  In their zeal, the rest of the West Shoreline suffers as they race up the bank in 18 inches of water scattering fish deep and off the grasslines.  However, fishing in secret spots in plain sight seems to be the best token for success.  If you take time to get out of your boat and wade a few ‘unconventional’ spots, you can find some real gems in wide open spaces.

Trout are holding in 4 to 5 feet of water and are hitting avocado/chartreuse in clear to slightly stained water and purpletruese and black/chartreuse in dark, or turbid water.  I have my folks throwing 1/16th oz. jigs and working plastics about 4 to 6 inches beneath the surface…in every depth.  I have also been introduced to fluke rigs by my bass fishing brethren and will get back to you after a little more research…at this point, Brandon likey.

Reds are reds!  Silver and gold spoons, black & chrome or pink tops, or any color plastics from two inches to 6 feet.  What can I say?  Reds are stupid and if you can get to their out of the way haunts….game on…sight cast in shallow waters or aim for the potholes.

Offshore was on hold this week…great surf…not so great fishing conditions…more on the offshore stuff next week!