March 17,2009 – wow the jetty trips have been very productive this week beautiful weather great seas. Jetty’s are producing blackdrum,bullreds,sheepheads are in . in big number allowing 5 pp definitly not having any trouble with the bite. March 18.2009 No redfish on this trip but, still good numbers of sheephead,and a few blackdrum released. March 19.2009 well all I can say is another good day on the water caught redfish,blackdrum,sheephead and the sheephead are still holding their own every trip we are seeing so many fish most are caught and released. March 20-21.2009 Report for Saturday the spanish mackeral are now in so along with sheephead we are bringing in spanish mackeral 15 per person,redfish are comming back in full limits after a slack off this week. So now we can tell you if you want to fill the box come get it./////  Lynn I do have pictures in I just need to post them up. 2 boats out and had the best catch’s of the day. Look at the size of these redfish(spanish Mackeral-related to the kingfish-king mackeral not greasy good grilled smaller than it’s partner the king. the run should last 7 days maybe a few more.

Tight Lines

Lynn,Captain Bill Curry

Workingman Charters

Big Redfish# 2 Big Redfishdrum,sheephead,redfishBig Redfish

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