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Very lightly used. Excellent condition. Extra Props and 2 extra batteries($200 value). 128GB High Speed Memory Card. 8" Teclast Android Tablet. Backpack carring case.

$800.00 for $500.00

All the flight characterists and camera features of the $1600.00 Mavic Pro for only $500.00!

The white X8 SE Portable 3-Axis 4K Drone from Fimi features a portable and foldable design that's meant to fit easily inside a backpack. From urban settings to remote landscapes, you can deploy the X8 SE drone to film professional-quality video with its 3-axis gimbal camera that's capable of recording footage at up to 4K30 resolution. Utilizing the Sony IMX378 sensor, the X8 SE is also capable of delivering quality video in low-light scenarios.

With its 4500mAh battery, the Fimi X8 SE can stay airborne for up to 33 minutes and reach speeds up to 40 mph. During this time, you can achieve creative aerial results with Fimi's built-in cine shot modes and advanced AI tracking. The X8 SE can also capture impressive still photos, with three different panorama and time-lapse modes. If you're looking for more detailed results, you can employ the drone's path and task planning functionality, which lets the drone fly a pre-planned point-to-point route with specific movements along the way. As you fly more often, you can save time by accessing historical routes to refly.

Remote with Real-Time HD Transmission
The included remote controller supports all sizes of smartphones and a variety of tablets, such as the iPad mini. The dual antennas of the remote are capable of receiving an HD video transmission of what the drone sees at all times. Navigate with the two detachable sticks, perform functions, and monitor flight telemetry via the Fimi flight app.

Cine Shot Modes
Rocket: Flies the drone upward while the camera points down
Circle: Flies the drone around a specific target
Dronie: Flies the drone backward and upward simultaneously, while the camera stays locked onto a target
Spiral: Flies a spiral around a specific subject

Smart Tracking Modes
Trace: Tracks your target from different views
Lock: Follows your target from a fixed perspective
Profile: Follows your target from a parallel perspective

Panorama Shots
Pano-180°: Stiches three shots horizontally for a traditional widescreen panorama
Pano-Horizontal: Stiches three horizontal shots vertically for a unique top-to-bottom panorama
Pano-Vertica: Stiches a 3x3 grid together for a huge wall-sized panorama

Additional Features
Free, Focus, and Waypoint time-lapse modes
3x digital camera zoom
Built-in GPS+GLONASS satellite positioning
Front and down vision positioning system for steady hovering with no GPS reception
Precise landing with downside camera onto an optional landing pad
Automatic hover when approaching a no-fly zone
Low-battery, return-to-home reminder
Wind warning
Excessive power warning

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