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Port Aransas Hurricane

Hurricane Damaged Port Aransas Fire Department to receive fire truck on emergency loan from Texas A&M Forest Service

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — Port Aransas Fire Department is set to receive a fire truck on loan from Texas A&M Forest Service on Friday, Sept. 29 to temporarily replace one damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey devastated the Port Aransas Fire Department leaving it without a single fire truck and many of the firefighters have […]

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Personal best

Personal best Went out of Aransas saturday on a friends boat. Set a personal record and a new goal.After nearly no fishing this year I believe this made up for it. [img][/img] Released-[img][/img] [img][/img] Now I'll be spending every possible resouce chasing a marlin.(“great”  ::) )I'm stoked sick..Thanks Robert.Pescado Caliente raises fish.

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Red Tide

Red Tide Picked up on a couple of posts and read the TPW red tide current status report.  Sounds like it is around the mouth of the east cut and north and south of same.  Bruce, team and all PM fisherman…seen anything alarming?  Does this stuff disappear after a couple of cold fronts,,,heading down there […]

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Choosing the Right Kayak

Choosing the Right Kayak What type of water are you fishing mostly? Is the local lake or bay system centralized or do you have fairly large areas of water to paddle? Are you looking for a stable casting platform or a sleek, fast-moving boat to chase blitzing fish?  [url=]Read the Rest[/url]

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