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Port Aransas Hurricane

Hurricane Damaged Port Aransas Fire Department to receive fire truck on emergency loan from Texas A&M Forest Service

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — Port Aransas Fire Department is set to receive a fire truck on loan from Texas A&M Forest Service on Friday, Sept. 29 to temporarily replace one damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey devastated the Port Aransas Fire Department leaving it without a single fire truck and many of the firefighters have […]

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The Fishery

The Fishery Bruce and Brandon, Bruce, you talked about the fact that TP&W keeps an eye on operations that consistently post pictures of limits, or near-limits, of fish on their websites, and that, going forward, regs for the various bay systems will be affected by such postings.  The irony of these postings is, that some […]

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1st time :(

Re: 1st time 🙁 Rey, this time of year you can hook fish just about anywhere. two…three…four… five ..feet of water etc. Summer time is a great time to fish. mornings can be very productive just like late afternoon and evenings. On a recent wading trip to Mansfield “north of the fence” I did pretty […]

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This is why we give away a rod for all 25″ plus trout released here!

This is why we give away a rod for all 25″ plus trout released here! Throw the big ones back, fishing study suggests Wed Apr 16, 2:41 PM ET WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Commercial and sport fishing destabilizes fish populations by targeting the biggest, oldest fish and leaving younger fish to proliferate too wildly, U.S. researchers […]

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