February 18, 2002 — Back on the Water

Capt. Bruce W. Shuler (Get-A-Way Adventures Lodge) Capt. Steven Devrise  took a Businessman’s Holiday and fished 18 Feb. 2002. We caught a few small reds and  trout. As its called fishing not catching, we did lose a very large trout which hit a Chartreuse Top Dog fished very slowly. Look for the large size T.D.s to be the top producer the next month as the big trout start to show up and prepare for the spawn.

Look for these spawners to be over dark bottoms first as these areas will warm first, areas to search first will be back end of West Bay and Glady’s Hole. As the water reaches the 70* mark look for the trout to seek the gravel and sand bottoms along the West Bank.

Do not get discouraged throw that BIG TOP WATER all day, you will not catch as many trout but the bites you get will be heart stoppers!!!!!

As we get into the 70’s look for the Land Cut to heat up with the Spring Shrimp Migration from the north. The best method to fish the cut is run 2 – 3 miles into the cut and pull over on the east side and follow the birds as they work and follow the shrimp and fish south.

Looks as if we have dodged another winter without a killer freeze, fishing this year should reflect this with great fishing for all.  Everyone in Port Mansfield is getting excited and when our water hits the magical mark 70* LOOKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!