We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat — August 24, 2012

Title says it ALL!!!! On a recent near shore trip I saw a 4’ Foot tall, tail come up out of a bait ball. I immediately knew we were looking at a Whale Shark. I hollered everyone stomp on the deck as I gunned my motor. As predictable as the winds blowing down here in March she swam right up to the back of my boat. Marco, my deck hand hollered “We need a bigger boat” as she was 35 to 40 feet in length and about 6 to 8 foot across. If you have never seen one in the wild , no way to explain the rush of having one swim up next to the boat and it being 10 foot longer than the boat. As she got to the boat I saw she was bringing her own biosystem with her. 40 to 50 ling from 15 to 40 pounders. Upon hollering everyone cast NOW!!! We hooked up with three nice ling from under her. What a RUSH!
Our near shore trips have just been world class with clients catching so many species they are ready to call it a day early, but I won’t let them wimp out. We are still catching great king fish on top waters. We did have one day we caught two between 50 and 55 pounds. That folks is stellar king fish. Seems we are having our best year in a number on large kings. Only one time in the last 10 years have I caught two kings over 50 pounds the same day.
Now to the bay, what can I say but SUMMER time patterns! You either get into good quality fish or you fish thru 100= 14 ½ trout per day. Can’t wait for cooler temps, but as long as the Gulf is flat I’m out there. Our better trout continue to come from deeper patterns with top waters being our bait of choice. Biggest trout the last few days was a 28” coming in at a skinny 5 ½ pounds. Seems the reds are starting to move into a little shallower water as some of the heavy traffic is slowing down.

If you’re interested in Cast n blast trips please call as we have few available dates left. Remember keep the little ones to eat and release the larger to pas on their genes.