Finally ,get a window to fish the jetties! Conditions where cold but smooth we started fishing about 2pm at the south on the out going tide and found the reds right away but thats not what we where looking for. So we tryed a couple of other spots and found more reds and sheephead we where waiting for the incoming tide . The tide started to change about 4:30 and so did the trout . It was on, soild 3.5 to 6 lb trout just about every cast . The bite lasted about an hour on the incoming tide and then it was time to go in. We ended up with 19 trout in the 3.5 to 6 lb range with 3 people fishing not a bad winter jetty trip.

                                                                                        Tight Lines ,

                                                                                         Capt Brian  Wimmer

Water Temp: 51