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Port Aransas Hurricane

Hurricane Damaged Port Aransas Fire Department to receive fire truck on emergency loan from Texas A&M Forest Service

PORT ARANSAS, Texas — Port Aransas Fire Department is set to receive a fire truck on loan from Texas A&M Forest Service on Friday, Sept. 29 to temporarily replace one damaged by Hurricane Harvey. Hurricane Harvey devastated the Port Aransas Fire Department leaving it without a single fire truck and many of the firefighters have […]

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boat…. looking to get into the boating world in the next year and have been hearing great things about Mosca boats! I was leaning towards an Explorer but fished off a Mosca this passed weekend and the ride was great….got really skinny and had alot of deck room!  Any comments on these boats +/- will […]

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1st time :(

Re: 1st time 🙁 [color=red]some other questions? [/color][color=red]-whens the best time to wade? morning ? noon? night? [/color] YES! ;D  Learn your solunar Tables and tides for this answer…I will forward you a multi-piece article I wrote a few years ago outlining the different situations [color=red]-bay or surf?[/color] Actually, your call….I only fish from the […]

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East cut sweeties!

East cut sweeties! One of the many things that make the East cut so special- When it fires it's[img width=250 height=161][/img] Barrel [img width=250 height=161][/img] after Barrel [img width=250 height=161][/img] after Barrel…. [img width=250 height=163][/img] Left [img width=250 height=161][/img] and right… [img width=250 height=165][/img] A framezzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!! [img width=250 height=161][/img] [img width=250 height=163][/img] Man I love […]

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Re: THE LURES Essential Topwaters Bone coloredRedhead/White BodyBlack body/Chartreuse Head Hard PlasticsDad swears by the Rattletrap and Catch 2000I agree with the catch 2000s Jig heads1/16 and 1/8 ounce.  LLM needs nothing heavier unless your fishing the ICW for flounder Soft Plastic Go-tosRed and whiteCrystal BlueChartruese or Limetruese.All White Hope this helps.  The soft plastics […]

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Re: Navigation Check out  There are continual arial photographs of the bays from South Padre all the way to Galveston.  There are also maps and hybrid maps/photos.  The maps are not terribly helpful but if you zoom the photos to max, you can see explicit bottom detail revealing grass lines, pot holes, old oil […]

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What’s in a Word?

What’s in a Word? Sustainability: what's in a word? We hear in the news sustainable economy. We hear conservationist and environmental NGOs (eNGOs) asking if wildlife and flora can sustain current human impact. And the one we all hear and choose to fear or embrace-depending on our conservation ethic-is if fishing populations are sustainable at […]

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